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Wednesday, April 3 2013
Gretchen had hoped I would maybe go to a coffee shop to do my work today so she could have some much-needed alone time, but that didn't end up being possible. I was working on a phase of development that required a lot more screen real estate than is available on a single laptop computer. These included several open directory explorer windows, an FTP window, a browser window of the website being developed, and several browser windows showing various parts of the database (as depicted by my homebrewed generic database management tool).
It was a somewhat miserable day for working in the laboratory: temperatures there tended to be just cool enough to make my fingers cold and stiff, which made my typing inaccurate and unpleasant. At this time of year the impatient expectation of springlike conditions isn't always satisfied with the air masses delivered by the unstable (and changing) global weather patterns. Though it's an emergently-"intelligent" system and it mostly seems to work, there can be oddities along the way, such as the weird coldness of this past March as well as the general absence of precipitation.

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