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Friday, October 10 2014
I showed up at the Wall Street house in the mid-afternoon with various electrical supplies. I'd determined that it would be a simple matter to provide light and power to the small garage out in back just by tapping into an existing outdoor floodlight at the corner of the house nearest that garage (and only a foot or two away from it). Meanwhile, that guy Eric had started on prep work for painting the house, beginning with the scrubbing of the aluminum siding.
I began my work by installing the pull-down ladder to the attic, discovering along the way how terrible Werner's PDF of instructions were.
Once I had that done, the electical work went quickly, and before long I had an overhead light (to be controlled by a pullchain) and a wired box an appropriate level for outlets. Unfortunately, the GFI receptacle I'd brought had a screw that couldn't be tightened, which made it useless. By now it was around 6:00pm and Eric offered me a Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest. I'm not that into seasonal beers, but everything Sierra Nevada makes is great. We stood around in the garage (now with overhead illumination) talking whimsically about what it could now be used as. Eric said it is about as big as his Brooklyn apartment.
Back at the house, Gretchen had just attended an online lecture of her vegan food preparation course, and this had required her to prepare one of her "typical meals" (in this case, pasta with a cream sauce sprinkled with cubes of sauteed tempeh). She's made it look extra pretty by decorating it with four spots of paprika at the compass points of the plate. I was hungry, so I didn't much care what it looked like. (What you couldn't tell in the photo was that it needed a little salt.)

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