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   October 2014

01: closing on the investment house - Already Gretchen is ripping up the carpet.
02: $50 dryer - Running around buying materials for the investment house.
03: concrete block and a hammer drill - One was made for the other. Also, a 220 volt circuit does not draw attention to itself when inspected an hour after I make it.
04: salty flamm - Mixing lumpy portland cement at the investment house and a food truck at KMOCA.
05: free carpet - There is a demand for it.
06: less paunchy - I've been getting lots of exercise lately.
07: first show of the house - Our friends come over to see the Wall Street house.
08: how's my drinking? - What it's like in the 9th decile.
09: size and price relationship of toilets - Cheap ones are somewhat smaller, and expensive ones can be tiny.
10: easy wiring of a garage - A live electrical box was only one or two feet away.
11: convincingly tangy - Vegan cheese tasting near Palenville.
12: color scare - Gretchen spends a few hours today worried that the Wall Street house is being painted the wrong color.
13: pine needles, 2014 - Also, a distubingly-lax Google Chrome security default.
14: issues with paint adhesion - Enough to drive someone to drink.
15: Frank Black at Club Helsinki - So much dissonance with every chord. Also, dealing with heartburn without antacids. Good thing Club Helskinki has a nice men's room.
16: draining a cast iron radiator - I make a mess but I get 'er done.
17: draining a cast iron radiator - I make a mess but I get 'er done.
18: trying to do an easy thing - Fucking Git submodules!
19: pipe cutting with the wrong tool - Why reciprocating saws are terrible for cutting copper pipe.
20: settling on propane and better welds - MAPP gas runs out at the worst possible time.
21: in the site of Lucy's Tacos - A terrible taco place gets replaced by something better in Kingston.
22: taunted by toilets - In Zaborski's looking at old toilets with a full bladder.
23: like getting a foot into a tight shoe - I add a rubber T-joint to ancient cast-iron pipe.
24: hiss corrector - A blast of compressed air makes an errant dog behave.
25: time flies when you're working on an old house - Multiple frustrations and trips to Lowes broken by one delicious burrito.
26: another use for that hole - Also, ripping out asbestos.
27: two uses of Superglue - Some for my wife and some for an old toilet.
28: first flushes - The flushes are not as strong as I would like, but the salvaged toilet sort of works (if it can be made to stop leaking).
29: burying wallpaper - Under layers of spackle in the nascent new bathroom.
30: at about the right amount of remove - The dogs are with me again at Wall Street while I prepare a spot for a sink. Also, libtards in the wild.
31: Halloween in Woodstock, 2014 - Also, watching Dear White People at the Tinker Street Theatre.