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Thursday, October 23 2014
On at least two recent occasions our dogs have been prowling the neighborhood. One time Ray was driving back from the Red Onion on Dug Hill Road and found them both barking in the middle of the road. And then the other night I busted the pair of them two yards to the north, possibly on a cooperative bone-salvaging mission. That doesn't even include the many times over the past several months when strange new dolls and bones have mysteriously appeared in the house. So this afternoon when I set out for 9W to get supplies for the Wall Street house, I stopped at Petsmart and bought two reflective collars as well as yet another big bag of dry food for cats. Those were just two items on a long list of things, most of them plumbing and electrical supplies that I proceeded to buy at Lowes. I should mention that the woman who waited on me at Petsmart immediately squirted hand sanitizer into her palm after completing the transaction with me. Either she thought I looked extra skeevy or that was how she dealt with her Ebola paranoia.
Over at Wall Street, I used another brand new $15 diamond-encrusted reciprocating saw blade to attack the cast iron pipe where I wanted to add a sewage branch leading to the world's smallest half-bathroom. I'd cut about 90% of the way through the second cut when vibration from the cutting caused the cast iron in the remaining 10% of arc to snap precisely where I wanted it to. Somewhat surprisingly, there was no fragrance of any sort coming out of the now wide-open pipe. This probably had something to do with the trap that separates the household sewage system from the municipal one. Getting the big rubber T-fitting slipped over the now-exposed ends of pipe was a little like getting a foot into a tight shoe, but the resulting connection was solid. I decided not to proceed with actually running the PVC until I had a level to ensure that pipe slopes were correct. Shit has many interesting properties, but the ability to flow uphill is not one of them.
I turned my attention to the electrical needs of the new bathroom, which will, at the minimum, need an overhead light. Because of the ancient nature of the existing wiring, it was easiest just to build a new circuit starting at the circuit breaker box. While at the house, I also nailed a seam of felt weather stripping arround the contour in the attic hatch hole where the hatch door stops. I also added a spring to assist the door swing upward (and keep it from falling downward unrestrained, possibly slamming the steel hatch handle into the wall or a picture hanging on the wall).

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