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Thursday, October 30 2014
Yesterday, the sink for the new bathroom had arrived. It's a small thing, designed to be attached by two screws to a wall. I took the dogs with me to the Wall Street house, and on the way I stopped at Lowes to return some things and also to get a $75 one-hole faucet for the new sink. The sink was only designed to be attached to a wall on one side, but my plan was to place it in a corner, which would allow its generally-square bulk to be supported on three of its four corners.
At the Wall Street house, I used the oscillating tool to cut through the drywall down to the studs on both sides of a corner in the bathroom to create a slot for sink to fit into. Then I added a ten inch piece of two by four to have some structure to screw into. The only other thing I managed to do while there was a lot of wall spackling. At this point the walls are actually fairly smooth. With a little sanding and some primer, they will look like they were prepared by sheetrock professionals. Meanwhile, the dogs slept on a landing of the stairway to the second floor. I'd puts cushions there so they could be near me while I worked but also at about the right amount of remove (particularly when I ran the reciprocating saw or the "fucked vacuum cleaner," which is absurdly loud (in keeping with the way Americans want their vacuum cleaners to be).

At some point today, one of my troll Suzy's many troll friends invited her to participate in a Facebook event called "Election Night Party," for viewing the mid-term election returns as they come in on Tuesday Night. I don't anticipate the election going very well for liberals, although, as a conservative, Suzy "is" naturally delighted. Once invited to the group, she immediately began crowing about how the Senate was going to be taken over by the Republicans, Obamacare was going to be history, and finally Benghazi would be fully investigated. She even talked about her uncle who purportedly operates some sort of prayer service for people dying of diseases who cannot afford or otherwise obtain health insurance. The service was inevitably destroyed by Obamacare, and, to Suzy, that is reason enough for Obamacare to be "REPEALED!!!" One would think such absurdities would immediately give Suzy away as a troll who, like Stephen Colbert, uses her extremist rhetoric to mock right wingers and the poorly-considered things they advocate. But soon after Suzy began posting, she began getting push-back from others invited to the event. These were all liberals, and they evidently lacked the ability to detect sarcasm. While it's true that Suzy's schtick is a bit more subtle than Colbert's, I've never had much problem with people figuring out her deal within the trolliverse. Troll culture (at least in the interactions between trolls) borrows from the culture of improv comedy, and no matter how outlandish the comment, the response is always one of, "Yes, and..." But appaarently there were a number of non-trolls invited to this event. They didn't just combat her statements rhetorically, they proceeded to look over her Facebook wall to find material they could use to attack her administratively within the rules of Facebook. For example, they found a picture of a baby with disgusting milk all over its face that Suzy had framed as a pornographic "money shot." They then reported it to Facebook authorities as showing "nudity," in hopes that Facebook would crack down on Suzy's account. That impulse to immediately complain to authorities is not a common one I've encountered in Facebook, not even during fairly heated exchanges and flamewars, and it reflects an unusual lack of tolerance and humor. At least since leaving Oberlin, I'm not used to liberals being the ones lacking in these traits, and though I don't often have much use for the word, I think in this case the term "libtard" might apply. In an especially ironic retort by one of the libtards against one of my fellow trolls (who had taken up Suzy's cause after I'd gone to bed), he actually used a graphic from faux-conservative Christians for Michele Bachmann Facebook page to demonstrate how supposedly "stupid" we "conservatives" are, blissfully unaware that the graphic was the pictorial form of an article in The Onion. It had probably been created by someone we know. (This is how the text on that graphic read, by the way: "If dinosaur 'bones' have been buried for 'millions' of 'years,' then why are they so clean when they're in museums? They would be dirty. And if the dinosaur 'bones' are 'real,' why do they need wire to keep them together? Real animals don't need wire. And they're dirty. Michele Bachmann, Fox News Oct. 22, 2014.")

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