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   energy drink overdose
Monday, July 6 2015
Starting with a 120.7 pound backpack load, I retrieved a total of 233.7 pounds of wood today from the staging area 400 feet west of the woodshed across the Farm Road. I want to gather an average of about 100 pounds per day for the month of July, though there will be days when I will be away, so I have to gather some extra wood on days like today. I also cut some longer pieces, split some fatter pieces, and started stacking up a second tranche in the woodshed, having filled in the gaps along the top of the mostly-untouched rearmost tranche. Depending on how much is allowed to sprawl in front of it, the woodshed holds a total of three to three-and-two-thirds cord-sized tranches, and last winter (which was brutal) used up something close to two and two thirds tranches.

Early this evening, I drove out to the Barnyard pet supply place on Route 28 to get emergency catfood (both dry and wet). While I was in that commercial strip, I stopped at the unfortunately-named Hess gas station to appraise their beer selection (which is somehow worse than Stewart's) and to also buy a recreational energy drink (today was not a day on which I permitted myself to drink alcohol). I don't normally drink energy drinks, don't think they taste good, and am dubious that they are any better at being stimulants than a cup of coffee. But drinking one is a little like spending some time at Dollywood, that is, it's something done at least semi-ironically. Hess was selling two 16 ounce cans of Monster energy drink for $4, and I had no way of knowing whether or not that was a good price, so I just went ahead and bought two of the regular flavor. I ended up drinking both, one after the other. That's 420 calories, 320 milligrams of caffeine, and large amounts of both ginseng and taurine. It was a fun thing to drink while driving around and then in front of my computer, though I never felt any of the anticipated stimulatory effects. And later on, I had a weird feeling in my gut suggesting I had drunk too much of a gross synthetic product. Later still, a network of tiny sores appeared on the roof of my mouth. These were the kind of sores that, when they appear in your throat, produce a sore throat. I don't know if this was related to the energy drink overdose or not.
Meanwhile, Gretchen had made a sort of broccoli-"cheese" stew using that latino soup from Friday night as a base. That was pretty good, though when I went to offer Ramona the pot to lick after we'd eaten it all, she had no interest in it whatsoever. So I tricked her by throwing some ancient stale oyster crackers into the pot. Ramona loves oyster crackers no matter how stale and how empty their calories, and so she went after them, only to discover the faux-cheese sauce (rich as it was in nutritional yeast) was delicious. She ended up licking that pot clean.

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