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   kratom as a study aid
Saturday, July 11 2015
I had a special art project I'd been procrastinating that I was inspired to finally complete during Saturday morning coffee (this time done on the east deck, as the mosquitoes in the yard render it currently uninhabitable). Meanwhile Gretchen left with Sarah the Vegan and Nancy to do watery things along the east bank of the Hudson fjord.
I managed to gather 306.5 pounds of firewood today, starting with 112 pounds of nice dry skeletal wood from that downed tree a quarter mile away on the Gullies Trail, then a single 61 pound piece from the staging area nearby, and then later two more pieces that came to 133.5 pounds. It doesn't take much to break a sweat or attact a mosquito in this weather. I've been using "Deet free" LiquidNet insect repellant, and it sort of works, at least on the parts of my body that have spray on them.
This afternoon I took another ~5 gram dose of kratom to further perfect my technique of making tea with it. Making a teabag using a coffee filter is proving mostly ineffective, as I don't seem to get much of a dose unless the "tea bag" ruptures or begins to spill.
Today's experience with kratom was much less of a high, suggesting perhaps I'm taking it too frequently for it to behave that way in my body. It did, however, function as a superb study drug, giving me the focus to finally do something I've been procrastinating for weeks: finishing the code on my AmbientWeather sensor-reading probe. By this evening, I was successfully compiling 32 byte packets on an ATTiny85 microcontroller, transmitting them via I2C to an Arduino master, which then successfully parsed and displayed the data. Those 32 byte packets contain all the sensor data from eight possible AmbientWeather probes (the maximum that can coexist). It's organized as four bytes per sensor, with the first byte being the channel number, the second being the integer part of the temperature, the third being the decimal part of the temperature, and the fourth being the percentage relative humidity. If the sensor isn't found, no problem, the data is blank. This new system allows me to offload the complexities of reading and interpreting AmbientWeather sensor data to an ATTiny, which can then transmit the data it has collected whenever a master Arduino has time to ask for it. And now that I've figured out how to reliably make an ATTiny transmit data in packets over I2C (something for which I could find no examples online), I can use ATTinies for all sorts of small dedicated tasks in an Arduino system centered around an easy-to-build I2C network. The kratom was working so well that I even went through the drudgery of cleaning up and documenting the code and producing a schematic (using Fritzing). If you came here from a Google search and are intrigued, you can download it all here: Master/Slave Ambientweather Sensor Reader Version 1. Make sure you download the necessary ATTiny cores and libraries from here: ATTiny Cores and TinyWireSlave library. Here's a schematic of the circuit I'm describing:

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