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   July 2015

01: overly sweet broccoli and pockets of rot - A bad meal at China Rose.
02: lettuce up to the job - Again I manage to make a homegrown repair to GreenWorks chainsaw.
03: absence of visits to the veterinarian - Ramona continues to pick fights with new dogs when an old friend from the old days of online journals visits.
04: new legal drug - A visit to the falls, some backstory on a local plot of land, kratom, and social tensions at an art opening.
05: 210.5 pounds - Making up for yesterday's lack of firewood gathering, and a new ache in an arm.
06: energy drink overdose - 32 ounces of Monster for semi-ironic reasons. Also, tricking Ramona into licking a bowl.
07: Poison Ivy on Hurley Mountain - Also, watching the first episode of the second season of True Detective.
08: thousands of fireflies - Looking out across a vast field towards the Catskills at our friends' house.
09: kratom bike ride - I drink five grams of Bali kratom in a tea and ride 6.6 miles on a bike.
10: mystery Lactarius no more - A mushroom I'd thrown out proves tasty in a burrito.
11: kratom as a study aid - I knock out some great ATTiny slave code under the effects of this legal drug from southeast Asia.
12: collapseTime - Representing a wide range of timespans in a single byte. And another dinner party with friends and dogs.
13: entirely by children - Pizza and fries on an off day at Catskill Mountain Pizza.
14: basically black magic - Once you know how bad your radio reception is, it's hard to not keep tinkering with it.
15: Crocs as water bowls - They hold water well enough to hydrate a dog. Also, the key to cheap Chinese 433 MHz superheterodyne receivers.
16: so many updates that it never - My first tablet PC, and an overworked ATTiny85 Arduino slave.
17: fleajad - Another flea infestation and then quesadillas up at that family compound near Tannersville.
18: such serious problems - Friends tells us they are abandoning their troublesome house on Maverick Road.
19: 30 pascals of noise - Initial calibrating of my barometric windvane.
20: concrete block spit - On a spit of land in Rondout Creek, I find thousands of abandoned concrete blocks.
21: already missing a hind leg - Racoons come to visit and a Katydid is already an amputee.
22: airforce of mosquitoes - They couldn't stop me from getting over $40 worth of Chicken of the Woods.
23: heaviest backpack load yet - Just four pieces of wood add up to the weight of an average adult non-American.
24: bad rectifier - A problem with the electric lawn mower doesn't prove to be as bad as initially feared.
25: light summer jihad - Preparing the house for a mystery housesitter.
26: to Twenty Ninth Pond - Beginning 2015's Adirondack experience.
27: pitcher plants of Twenty Ninth Pond - Kayaking to beaver lodges and odd plant communities.
28: Chicken of the Woods fajitas - Also, writing a command interpreter for a weather sensor pod at a remote cabin in the Adirondacks.
29: Throckmorton the Loon - A single loon arrives and spends the day on Twenty Ninth Pond.
30: too much kratom - But not enough to prevent me from cooking a good Mexican meal.
31: Cape of Dud Boat - I find a derelict old boat on the cape between the two lobes of Twenty Ninth Pond. And I implement a simple multi-trace temperature grapher on a Digole LCD panel.