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   April snowshower
Friday, April 5 2019
I didn't sleep particularly well last night, partly because it was my one night of the week I deliberately avoided anything (such as alcohol or diphenhydramine) to help with that. On top of that, the dogs had made a crazy night of things, barking repeatedly about creatures in the nearby forest and occasionally charging off to deal with them however they thought was appropriate. At one point I went outside and found Ramona lying quietly in the yard. It was a bit cold for a dog with such a thin coat to be out there doing nothing, but evidently she was waiting for Neville to return. Eventually he returned and they came back into the house, settled down, and I was able to fall asleep.
I puttered around the house a bit longer than usual this morning so I would be home when Gretchen arrived from her week-long tour of the Pacific Northwest promoting her new poetry collection, Visiting Days.
It was yet another good day at work, with me successfully implementing a system to generically display an array of recordsets using an Angular frontend. Unfortunately, there was so much data being displayed that it wanted to crash the Electron framework, but that's an issue for another day. At this point the Electron app seems to be exactly replicating all the behavior of the Python version on which it is based. In addition to that, there are a great many additionaol integrations and features, as well as a reasonably-stable foundation upon which to build. It's not my best code, but it looks pretty good overall.
A wet snow started falling in the late afternoon. Before it was even 4:00pm, I'd done everything I'd set out to do today, so I drove home. Back at the house, the snow was actually sticking and there ended up being a full half inch of accumulation. I'd had a good week, so I started out with beer and then moved on to booze. At some point I switched to kratom tea (a great idea for managging the alcohol intake) and then I fired up a bowl of schwaggy pot with that new brass bowl I'd made last week. That thing works really well and manages to actually get me stoned, which none of my clogged-up pipes had been able to do for over a year. The only problem with it is that it cannot be set down without spilling, so when I'm done with it I have to clamp it in a vise. I'll have to build some sort of landing gear for it.
The kratom tea had me feeling a little ill, but the pot made that ill feeling something more interesting. By 10:00pm I was ready for bed.

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