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   WASPiest Hannaford ever
Tuesday, April 16 2019
The day gradually warmed up and became sunny and fairly warm (in the low 60s), which made the birds, insects, snakes, and flowers all very happy. At around noon, I drove to the Red Hook Hannaford to get some provisions, which didn't include nuts (which the office now usually buys!) or Ritz Chipotle crisps (I don't think I can eat those for awhile). Passover is coming right up, so I wanted to get some boxes of matzo, the kind that is actually kosher for Passover. It's a sign of how white and WASPy the east side of the Hudson is that the Red Hook Hannaford didn't appear to have any. They have a very small kosher food section, and the only matzo there was not the kind people eat for Passover. Normally at this time of year (at least on the west bank of the Hudson) grocery store put out huge stacks of boxes of Passover matzo at the front ends of several aisles so people can find it quickly. Another indication the whiteness of Red Hook: the Italian section is part of the ethnic aisle. with the Indian, Hispanic, and kosher foods! By contrast, at the Uptown "Ghettoford" Hannaford in Kingston, the Italian stuff gets its own aisle and Mexican food is in a separate aisle from Hispanic food (the former tends to be for gringos, while the weird stuff like votive candles, pickled cactus, and plantain chips are in the latter).

This evening when I got home, Gretchen had liked that Roxanne red wine from Sting's vineyard so much that she poured herself a glass. It wasn't even 5:00pm yet, though (as Gretchen was quick to point out) it was five o'clock somewhere. [REDACTED]

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