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   pupusas in the office
Wednesday, April 24 2019
The Red Hook Hannaford near my workplace is not especially vegan-friendly (or, for that matter, all that concerned about the needs of observant Jews). It doesn't appear that they stock vegan cheese, and their soy milk selection isn't very good. Gretchen and I prefer unsweetened soy milk without any particular flavors like vanilla (what if it's being used as a component of a savory dish?), and that Hannaford doesn't appear to stock soy milk that is neither flavored nor sweetened. That being said, I was delighted recently to discover that they do stock vegan pupusas containing pinto beans and kale. That's particularly surprising given that they also don't appear to cater much to esoteric Hispanic tastes.
Yesterday I had some of those pupusas and was surprised to find they were actually rather good. (Gretchen tells me she's bought these pupusas in the past, but I don't remember them.) The only thing they lacked was curtido, the slightly-pickled shredded cabbage typically served with pupusas in El Salvadoran restaurants. Back before we were vegans and would go to the La Pupuseria on Broadway in Kingston, I would typically order five pupusas, which I would use as fat flavor-filled tacos, wrapping them around large masses of hot-sauce-drenched curtido.
So today before eating Hannaford pupusas for a second day in a row, I thought I'd get some sauerkraut from the Hannaford to use as a good-enough curtido stand-in. Unfortunately, the Red Hook Hannaford doesn't cater much even to the culinary interests of ethnic Germans (and so close to Germantown!). I looked in vain for refrigerated sauerkraut packaged in a jar, since that's the good stuff and stores nicely, but they didn't have any. So I settled for a jar of kimchi instead (which they actually did have). I also got a can of sauerkraut, even though that would be harder to keep for long in an office refrigerator once opened.
That canned sauerkraut (spiced up with some La Anita-brand green habañero sauce) worked well with the pupusas and didn't even, I don't think, stink up the office all that much. Wait until I open that jar of kimchi!

Ramona in the field behind my workplace today.

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