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   April 2019

01: someone else's brown smudge - And the trauma of accidentally sitting on it.
02: more badass than wanted - My auto-darkening glasses don't always do precisely what I want.
03: annoying herd o' cats bullshit - Keeping track of two dogs at work isn't always fun.
04: terror in the vegan burger joint - At one point he went running out of the restaurant, causing me to secretly hope he would continue into the street and be run over by a car with matter-of-fact buh-bump.
05: April snowshower - A good work week ends with a wet snow.
06: carwash 2019 - After dining at Blackeyed Suzie's in Saugerties, we visit a carwash. It kind of reminded me of going through a haunted house, and made me wonder if haunted carwashes are a thing.
07: hardware for professionals - For some things, you just have to go to a mom and pop hardware store.
08: tiny little stack of LAMP - There is a reason Raspberry Pis are so popular.
09: in the weeds again - More grousing about the unnecessary complexity of software frameworks and environments.
10: changing landscape of potholes - Like roadkill, they appear suddenly. But then they tend to grow.
11: Visiting Days: New York City - The local big city on Gretchen's book tour.
12: septic with teabags - The workplace waste stream.
13: 82 person poetry confab - Gretchen reads from Visiting Days in Woodstock.
14: cracked lower magnesium shell - My five Compaq 2740p laptops.
15: walking in the warm April rain - Also: a dinner party goes late.
16: WASPiest Hannaford ever - No Passover matzo in the Red Hook Hannaford.
17: first-ever successful plastic weld - Minor after-work chores after a successful workday.
18: distracting entertainment like ping pong - Incrementing reasons to go to work.
19: something a little less bolus-forming - Passover 2019.
20: white rabbit at the Hurley Mountain Inn - We learn that Gretchen's brother's family is moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas.
21: Moore's Law's terminal moraine - Feeling kinda ill and installing Linux. Also, maybe I'm designed with sauerkraut in mind.
22: Ramona's been a bad girl - When she's off in other people's yards, she's not always up to good.
23: drive-time radio - I've come to like stories about local crime.
24: pupusas in the office - And what I did with no curtido.
25: too much at happy hour - Alcohol makes me puke for the first time since 2010.
26: bad dog hangover - When dogs are trying to kill other dogs and you have a hangover at work.
27: the bitter smell of melting ABS plastic - Maybe I can partially-collapse an inconvenient vent pipe.
28: collection of Zeroes - My network of surveillance robots continues to grow.
29: pressure in my jaw joints - I don't think it was a hangover. Hopefully it wasn't tetanus.
30: pileated woodpecker nest - There now appears to be one only 25 feet from the house. Also, the incompatibility between Python and HTML-based presentation.