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Friday, May 3 2019
This morning before I began any actual workplace work, I solved a problem with the MaxMatrix character rotation algorithm I'd been tinkering with. It turned out that all I needed to do was left-pad my hexadecimal values when they were less than 16. Back when I was 16 years old and tinkering with a very similar algorithm (one I came up with entirely on my own), I did it all with pokes, peeks, and nested loops, the outer one counting with the variable t, the inner one with variable r. These days, my outer loop counts with i and my inner counts with j.
Without much else to do, I spent the day refactoring and simplifying the code of my Electron app. I had been relying on data structures migrated directly from the Python that didn't make sense given that my app tended to make everything a shallow data structure pinned to the app's main form.

At around noon, I was on my way to Hannaford (mostly just to get beer for my evening) when I realized I also needed liquor. So I busted a U-turn using the "Hardscrabble Plaza" parking lot. Around the back, past the sushi restaurant (41.981988N, 73.880649W), there were piles of rubbish and a half dozen Canada Geese milling around like bored teenagers. Instead of going to the Hannaford on the south edge of town, I went to CVS on the north edge of town. They had Ithaca Flower Power, an acceptable IPA, and I also got a bag of jalapeño lime Late July corn chips. That is not a brand of corn chips I usually like (the corn seems cheap and gummy, perhaps because it's organic and non-GMO), but they do a great job with that one flavor, which also happens to be vegan.


This evening on the way home from work, I went out of my way to visit the Tibetan Center thrift store. The big find there today was a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, though I also got a nice 12 volt wall wart and some metal shelving struts that could be useful for installing shelves on a sloping ceiling. (All of this cost only $2, thanks to Rob.) Later when I got home, I was disappointed to find that the calculator didn't work at all. But even so, it was a good thing to have bought. A TI-83 Plus I already have lacks a battery cover, so not any more. And if any of its other cosmetic parts are less than perfect, I now have a source to cannibalize from.

Since Gretchen would be spending all of tomorrow at Alana's bachelorette party, she and I decided to have our weekly date night tonight instead of the usual Saturday night. I came up with the idea of going to Northern Spy, which has, as I recalled, a good implementation of the Impossible Burger. We had the dogs with us, and on the way to High Falls, we stopped in Cottekill to walk the dogs along the rail trail. Being out in nature at this time of year always has a feeling of enchantment, and the dogs seem to feel it too.
The staff at Northern Spy tonight consisted of skinny young white women who didn't seem to be all that skilled in their various positions. It turned out that the Impossible Burger now came with salad instead of fries, and fries was a $6 side. As Gretchen pointed out, this made the Impossible Burger with fries a $21 dish, which is ridiculous. We opted instead for a single order of fries. I ate my burger with lots of horseradishy mustard, which gave me a few painful moments similar to what happens when I put lots of wasabi on my sushi. The best discovery of this meal was the beer I ordered, the Rouge Batsquattch Juicy/Hazy IPA. It had precisely the grapefruity flavor I most prefer. Gretchen, by contrast, ordered something like a Moscow Mule and found it tasted like rubbing alcohol. She wasn't wrong.

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