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   in the aisles at Williams Lumber
Friday, May 17 2019
At around noon, I drove down to the Williams Lumber north of Rhinebeck, which is (in many ways) a superior hardware store to Lowes or Home Depot. And the prices aren't any higher. I was there only to get a magnet sweeper, which (as I described it to one of the employees) is basically a magnet on a stick. He knew exactly what I was talking about, and showed me to a range of such products. I went with the $20 option, which should be sufficient for all my lost hardware recovery needs. I thought about buying some sunflower seeds while I was there, but one of the employees had the flower seeds blocked off by an unboxing project that was sadly would not be uploaded to YouTube. It involved outdoor wicker furniture. The only other thing of note in Williams was the presence of a beautiful statuesque woman in a long floral skirt walking from aisle to aisle with her not-perfectly-behaved golden-retriever-style dog on a leash. I was amusing myself by noting how much help she was being offered. A woman like that would have difficulty being an effective shoplifter.
Back in the office, not long before I left for the day, I overheard Jake (who seems to know everything) telling a couple of our colleagues that recently our building (which is home to over a dozen businesses) had been condemned. The groundskeeper (who seems like a nice guy; he's left a couple robin's nests alone despite the fact they are nesting on an important girder) had quickly fixed the problems, so no harm/no foul. But this incident had apparently scared away one of the businesses, some sort of purveyor of high-end lockets(??) that also ran a web design subsidiary(?!?).
When I got home from work, I immediately did a few chores. Before the welt-inflicting flies came out, I planted the rest of the seedlings Gretchen had bought. Then I used a pole saw to cut the tops off some of the small white pines near the road (the idea being that they concentrate their growth near the ground, further blocking out Dug Hill Road).
After tinkering away with something in the laboratory, I came out into the teevee room to find Gretchen claiming she wanted to do something as a couple. What she had in mind was something like scrabble, but I of course said, "well, we are married..." By this, I was referring to something that is sanctioned by marriage that actually tends to be done with greater frequency before marriage (unless you are a religious nut). But even that was not enough, so we ended up also watching a Shark Tank. It's the one contemporary television show that I discovered and that Gretchen enjoys watching (unless it's a segment featuring a product that necessitates the exploitation of animals).

The male pileated woodpecker as seen this evening. He usually surveys the outside for awhile before coming out.

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