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Sunday, May 12 2019
It was such a rainy day that Gretchen couldn't take the dogs for their morning walk, and so she also didn't bring Neville with her to the bookstore for the Sunday shift. Something about a cold rainy day makes me want to begin it with a nice hot bath. So I climbed in the tub and soaked in that hard-won solar-heated water, reading the first few pages of the new Jared Diamond book, Upheaval. Yesterday I'd joked with our brunch guests about wanting to surround myself with wax cylinders because I love the least-dense forms of media. But I still agree with those who say there is something to a book (especially a hardcover with undulating packets of folios) that cannot be fully captured electronically, at least not yet. That is not to say that electronic storage doesn't bring a large number of its own advantages (particularly volume occupied).
[REDACTED] So I climbed into bed and slept so soundly that when I awoke, I assumed it was already the next day (though it had only been a few hours and it was only a little after 5:00pm).
After stumbling to my feet, I managed to clean the kitchen, which was still a bit of a mess after yesterday's brunch. I also started a fire in the woodstove to drive out the clammy chill. Soon thereafter, Gretchen came home and launched into another evening of watching high-end Spanish-language soap operas. She's all done with Velvet, but has found a spinoff series.
I didn't take anything to help me get to sleep tonight, but I nevertheless fell asleep easily and slept through the night as if I'd taken 100 mg of diphenhydramine.

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