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Tuesday, May 28 2019
Today was rainy and unseasonably cold, with temperatures never reaching into the 60s. Before I left for work this morning, I removed all the plywood protecting the newly-grouted entryway so Gretchen could clean it further, removing the abundant remaining haze.
Today at work I had the satisfaction of realizing that my Electron-based app had completely transcended the capabilities of the Python app it had been based on. That poorly-commented, undocumented Python app had been the only specification I'd had to work with. Nobody in the company could articulate what they'd wanted or how that Python app worked. All I had was its code, which I had to understand in perfect detail in order to migrate to Typescript and Javascript, which are very different from Python. (And I've only been familiar for Python since early September, 2018.) The goal was to have a well-documented app that somebody on staff actually understood, and I'd succeeded at that over two months ago. Since then, I've been fixing bugs and adding features. Today when I had problems getting the app to do something, I tried (as I have in the past, usually fruitfully) trying to do the same thing with the old Python app. In the past, the Python app would work, and I could study what it had done in order to tweak my Electron app. Today, though, the Python app completely choked, dying without even so much as an error message. Meanwhile, my Electron app had mostly worked doing the same job. It was just a matter of fixing a slight data problem. I was forced to fix this without any working tool to model the successful behavior. Once I'd achieved that, I realized I probably wouldn't be firing up the old Python version much in the future.
Before taking a bath, I took a couple xanax tablets in hopes of a slightly recreational experience. Sadly, all that happened was that I became overwhelmed with sleepiness. After lacking even the motivation to read in the bathtub, I toweled off and went to bed, falling asleep around the time Gretchen got back from seeing a movie. She'd just seen Booksmart for the second time. Interestingly, I'd managed to download a copy of Booksmart using Bittorrent, which is usually impossible for such new movies (unless you are willing to settle for a cam rip filmed in a Russian movie theater).

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