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Tuesday, May 21 2019
I was so busy today at work that I never even got around to some of the slackerly diversions that normally form island chains across my workday. Alex kept having me add features to my Electron app. all things not present in the original Python. Messaging is now so nuanced that I've had to add "warning" (color coded orange) to the existing message types of "error" and "message."
The office head honcho is a little like a god in that he can randomly bring into existence good things (and bad things) at any moment. The unexpected thing today was a good one: lunch for everyone from the Golden Wok. He had the newest guy, Sebastian, take everyone's order. I already knew what I wanted: the mixed vegetables in garlic sauce with white rice. The white rice, I knew, was important, as anything else might have shredded dead animals in it. The white rice later helped me pick out my tray of food from the crowd of similar trays, none of which were labeled. Nobody else had ordered the white rice.
At some point before I left work for the day, Gretchen sent me a Facebook direct message asking me to stop by Adams Fairacre Farms on the way home to get some vegetables. So I got all the usual things I get there: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, asparagus, a tub of spinach, "butter lettuce," and some fun bread. I also got a big bag of Garden of Eatin' white corn chips. Adam's has a big gardening section (including supplies that really only make sense to people with a marijuana grow room), so I also got a variety of lettuce seeds (including seeds to grow iceberg lettuce) as well as seeds for giant sunflower (in case my old sunflower seeds really aren't viable any more, which seems to be the case). I expected Gretchen to be horrified when she saw I'd bought non-organic/non-heirloom/possibly-genetically-modified seeds, and indeed she was.
For dinner, Gretchen cooked up the asparagus and some Chinese-style tofu that we ate with butter lettuce, using the lettuce leaves like soft tortillas. That's always the best thing to do with butter lettuce.

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