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   parrot painting and prescription pills
Wednesday, May 22 2019
After I got home from work today, I painted a small (two inch by four inch) painting of a parrot, based on a photograph I'd taken in Costa Rica on February 22nd. Given the weave of the canvas, my crude brushes, and my lack of skill for doing it, it's hard to get much detail on a painting of that size, but parrots make up for that with the loud colors and sharp contrasts. Still, when I was done, the parrot looked flat, whuch he also did in the photograph. So I added some highlighting not present in the original to make the parrot look as though he or she was being illuminated from behind.
Before going to bed tonight, I took an ambien, only the second after a months-long hiatus (it had taken that long to get our health care in order after my employer's acquisition by another company). It didn't do anything more entertaining than diphenhydramine would've done, that is, it just made my eyes heavy. Before I could pass out with my laptop still on my chest, I put it away. That would've been tell-tale evidence for Gretchen that I'd resumed hitting her ambien again.

Today's painting.

Who knew that perching-branch was at precisely 45 degrees? I just copied what I saw in the photo by eye.

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