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Monday, February 3 2020
Today Neville would be doing a rare Monday afternoon shift at the bookstore, and this meant that Ramona would be doing a rare Monday shift at my workplace. The day was sunny and unseasonably warm, with highs near 50 degrees, ideal for dog walking. Immediately after our 11am walk, Ramona and I drove down to to William's Lumber so I could get chainsaw oil, a few electrical supplies, and a translucent drop ceiling panel, and electrical supplies.
It was warm enough today for Ramona to find something disgusting and wet to roll in back by the solar farm, so I had to wash her off in the men's room on the second floor of my building. That's not my preferred bathroom, but it's the closest one to where I park the car, and I didn't address the situation until we got back from William's. There was a guy taking a dump in the stall while I did this, and it must've been kind of a weird thing to overhear.
When I got home from work late this afternoon, I immediate added oil to my Kobalt chainsaw and returned to the large fallen white ash above where the Stick Trail crosses the Chamomile. There I bucked pieces of trunk until my battery was exhausted. The backpack load that I hiked back home contained only three big pieces and was extremely heavy (probably more than 130 pounds). Once I'd split that up, all the reasonable places to store firewood in the living room were occupied and the room had what you might call firewood degeneracy pressure.
When Gretchen came home, she made two different dinners: a spaghetti with a wine sauce reduction and lentil soup prepared in an InstantPot. I'm usually unenthusiastic about lentil soup, but this ended up being perhaps the best lentil soup I'd ever had.
I took 10 mg of Indian olanazapine before climbing into bed and stayed awake long enough to feel its sedative effects. It definitely made me sleepy, and the general feeling was similar to the kind I get from 100 mg of diphenhydramine, though it kicked in a little faster and wasn't as strong.

Ramona sniffing some clumps of tawny mystery fur near the Red Hook solar farm. Click for a wider view.

Milkweed pod and rosehips near the Red Hook solar farm.

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