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Tuesday, February 25 2020
At work, I spent most of the day in the extra chair behind Alex's desk helping him think through the design of arcane tables related to this application we're building. Alex has commandeered the .sql file with all the CREATE TABLE statements, and I've been indulging him as he does such unnecessary things as re-arranges the column names so they're now in alphabetical order.
It was another balmy day, and the predicted rains didn't start until my drive home, but even then it came in just a few scattered drops. I didn't bother going out to bring home a backpack load of firewood, but the weather wouldn't've prevented it.
Gretchen was trying to get rid of various foods that I am unlikely to eat during her coming two-week absence, so tonight she roasted up a bunch of brussel sprouts (which I don't much like). Meanwhile, I made a couple trashy sandwiches using Italian white bread, Chao-brand vegan cheese, slices of Tofurky, vegan mayo, romaine lettuce, and brown mustard. I took 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine before taking a bath, meaning I was ready for bed by the time I got out.

The state of my remaining hematoma today.

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