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Thursday, February 20 2020
As I worked today, I found myself listening to a YouTube channel called That's Cringe, where two guys banter about embarrassing Youtube videos. It was funny enough to make my smiles hard to suppress. A particularly good episode is their review of someone called Dhar Mann.
At around noon today, I drove down to William's Lumber to get supplies: nuts equipped with big plastic knobs (to use to secure ceiling hatches — magnets hadn't been up to the task), an outdoor PVC electrical box for holding circuit boards belonging to the weather station, and a $20 soldering iron. I'd recently had a soldering iron fail, and it made me realize I've never used anything but bargain-basement irons. So I thought I'd buy a somewhat nicer one.
Meanwhile Gretchen left today to spend several days in New York City with her long-time Oberlin friends Mary and Katie (the three have birthdays near each other).
On the drive home tonight, I saw a number of nice pieces of oak on the shoulder of lower Dug Hill Road, part of the operation required to erect new utility poles. So I pulled over and gathered what I could fit in the back of the Subaru. It ended up being at least a week's worth of peak-heating fuel, and there was still more left to salvage.
When I got back to the house, I immediately unloaded the salvaged wood and then took the dogs for a walk (even though they had already had one this morning). I might've had plans for working on projects, but all I ended up doing was arranging circuit boards for my new weather station into that freshly-purchased UV-resistant electrical box. To my delight, the two phone jacks slid perfectly into a space defined by the wall of the box and posts designed to take the screws of the box's cover. With a few notches near the bases of four of those posts, I even had a place to hold the biggest of the circuit boards, the custom one with the I2C bus and trivial electronics to support the voltage divider used to read the windvane. After that, though, all I wanted to do was drink booze and eat. I ate the leftover pasta and such from last night, then I tried a fresh pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough vegan icecream (which I didn't like) and then ended up eating a whole ten-count box of stand 'n' stuff taco shells. That might seem like not sufficient to stand on its own as a food, but once toasted, they are amazingly delicious.
I was under the influence of a xanax well before I went to bed, though I didn't find it particularly recreational (even with the booze).

A flock of geese blocking Middle Road south of Red Hook as I drove home tonight. There are lots of signs warning people to be on the lookout for this phenomenon. Click for a wider view.

A stone arch made years ago by the erstwhile girlfriend of Georges, the man who owns the farm at the end of the Farm Road. (Seen tonight while walking the dogs.)

The asphalt track of the abandoned go-cart track. See it from space here: 41.926832N, 74.111734W.

The old concession building of the abandoned go-cart track.

The circuit boards and how they fit in the PVC box. Look at how those phone jacks fit behind the posts!

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