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Wednesday, February 5 2020
At work today, it didn't take much effort to implement my live graphing system for the surveillance robot mounted on the front of the woodshed. The Raspberry Pi at its heart is connected to a BME280, a tiny devices that senses both temperature and air pressure. Because I had two different data streams in totally different units, I plotted them on two separate graphs. I could imagine a surveillance dashboard with multiple graphs showing data from an array of sensors as well as streaming video. With the woodstove probe, I could show plots of temperature from the air above the stove as well as from various spots along the stovepipe (where I could read temperatures using a contactless temperature sensor like the MLX90614, which I have on order). I've uploaded my code to a repo on Github.
Yesterday when I'd bought my week's supply of lunch provisions (as well as various household staples like soy milk and vegetables), I found the Red Hook Hannaford was low or completely exhausted of certain staples. There was only one box of Tres-brand pupusas, and there were no tubs of black bean salad at all, forcing me to buy a tub of chick pea salad instead. When I went to eat that chick pea salad today, I was dismayed to see it contained cranberries. Neither Gretchen nor I are big fans of sweet fruit in otherwise savory dishes. (I was traumatized by my father's salads, which contained both slices of apple and raw onions.) But, with some hot sauce, that chick pea salad was pretty good. Its flavors converged on an Indian theme, perhaps helped along by cumin (another thing Gretchen doesn't have much patience for, though I'm more ambivalent). If there isn't black bean salad next week when I go shopping, I'll probably get another couple tubs of that.
Gretchen hadn't taken Neville to the bookstore today, so I hadn't taken Ramona to my office today. So when I got home, I immediately took both dogs for a walk down the Farm Road. At the Chamomile Headwaters trail, I took a shortcut to the Stick Trail and gathered scattered pieces of bucked oak from several salvage sites, some well over a year in age. Most of the pieces were damp from ground contact, but that was okay because I had plenty of white ash back at the house to burn while these pieces dried on and around the stove.
Before Gretchen came home, I made a big pot of chili, using cubes of uncommonly tough tofu as the "meat." I added a tiny amount of Dave's Insanity Sauce to the pot and it ended up being just a bit too much (at least for Gretchen). But she managed to cool it down with her vegan yoghurt.
Today in the mail I'd gotten the latest issue of Nuts & Volts, which was exciting because tonight I would be taking a bath and it would be fresh reading material. After my bath, Gretchen joked that it was funny that I like to masturbate to a magazine called Nuts & Volts.

The stone wall this evening. It is surviving its first season of frost heave without any apparent damage. Click to enlarge.

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