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   March 2020

01: theory, practice, and a sick man - Though I probably should've waited for a nicer day when I was feeling better, I install a weather station on the greenhouse.
02: had I just come from Qom, Iran - Not too impressed by the coronavirus detection system in evidence in the local medical system.
03: why are inhalers prescription items? - I want to live in a world where all drugs are OTCs.
04: espionage cousin - A new source of intelligence on my batty mother.
05: not enough doggy alone time - I'm spending a lot more time at home during Gretchen's booktour than expected.
06: bad flavor harmony - Not a perfect flavor in my shell-shaped pasta.
07: idea for a pangolin banner - If Trump is ever defeated, we may have pangolins to thank.
08: Arduino in the Weathertron - It's not quite at set-and-forget.
09: squandered springlike weather - Too addicted to coronavirus news to go out and enjoy the nice March conditions.
10: post-sick cleaning jihad - Before Gretchen returns from Austin, I spend hours cleaning the house.
11: even Tom Hanks - The coronavirus pandemic suddenly seems real to Gretchen, who then requires a xanax to get to sleep.
12: bad in a crisis - The market concludes Donald Trump is a terrible president, and it's hard to get work done.
13: empty shelves in Red Hook - The gathering storm of the coming pandemic causes a wild and crazy atmosphere in a local grocery store.
14: date night before the plague - Before society closes down completely, Gretchen and I go out for dinner.
15: on the edge of the pandemic recession - Ray finds out he has no bartender job while over at our house celebrating Nancy's birthday.
16: social distance skeleton crew, day one - The office where I work is closed down for social distancing, except for those of us who must process taxes.
17: social distance skeleton crew, day two - This time it's just three humans, no dog, and the fragrance of pro-biotic sauerkraut.
18: social distance skeleton crew, day three - I encounter a human with a small child on a wooded trail.
19: social distance skeleton crew, day four - A liquor store run and a missing Trump flag.
20: pandemic haircut - Gretchen realizes the only way she can get a haircut before the end of the pandemic is to have me do it.
21: banality of the apocalypse - Despite the pandemic, Gretchen visits a park and gets provisions at a creepy Hannaford.
22: microcontroller reliability - It's easy to build a fun device from an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, but it's hard to make it reliable.
23: early spring pandemic snowstorm - A cold snowy day in late March working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.
24: quarantined - Social distancing now has to happen within our house after an idiot possibly exposed Gretchen to coronavirus on the last day the bookstore allowed customers inside.
25: distressing color in the phlegm - A day of hangover-and-dire-news-amplified hypochondria.
26: spring in the quarantine - The first phoebe and butterfly of the year, and a cable installer might've taken out our DSL.
27: junco and an eagle - Without internet, I take pictures of birds.
28: tenant acquisition from quarantine - Gretchen secures a new tenant without ever having to leave our home.
29: quarantine green forage - Garlic mustard isn't very good.
30: Windows Vista in a VMWare snowglobe - I run both for the first time in my laboratory.
31: last day of Charles the Cat - The reason he'd been getting so skinny was a large mass in his intestines. Also, one of our tenants tries to renege on her intention to move out in the midst of a pandemic.