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Friday, March 6 2020
I "worked" from home again, getting even less done than I did yesterday. This morning I took the dogs on a walk west of the Farm Road as far as Reichel Road, where it looked like someone had been clearing a property line through the dense pine saplings.
Later I drove into town just to put a $1400 rental check in our Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union account. A woman waiting in her car outside had taken a special shine to Neville in the few minutes it took me to transact my business.
I continued into town, mostly to get vegan frozen pizza and fun pasta shapes. While there, I got a couple Gretchen-unfriendly veggies like an eggplant, an avocado, and a poblano pepper.
Back at the house, I made a big pot of shell-shaped pasta with all those veggies (along with mushrooms and onions) chopped up in it. Strangely, though, there was a note in the flavor profile that didn't quite work, and I think it was coming from the eggplant, though it might've been a bad flavor harmony between poblano and eggplant.

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