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   social distance skeleton crew, day two
Tuesday, March 17 2020
My troubling cough continued through the second day of the skeleton crew. I kept saying it was wet, but my boss Alex kept reacting with bemused horror every time I had to take a pause from whatever I was doing to cough. Later when I made my lunch of pupusas with sauerkraut, Alex made a fuss about how fragrant it was. In the past I'd used canned Silver-Floss-brand sauerkraut, but lately I've been eating from a jar of true pro-biotic sauerkraut flavored with garlic I had gotten recently from the refrigerated section at Sunflower in Woodstock. Its fragrance fills the room in the way Silver Floss never could.
This evening after I got home from work, Gretchen had a nice hot fire in the stove, but for some reason I just couldn't get the chills out of my bones until I took an early-evening bath. Meanwhile Gretchen had made a delicious peanut & chickpea stew featuring tomatoes, kale, and other vegetables too numerous to mention.

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