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   early spring pandemic snowstorm
Monday, March 23 2020
The unpleasant unseasonable cold from yesterday continued today, with overcast skies and temperatures never rising out of the 30s. From those grey clouds precipitation was falling, and that mostly took the form of snow. Today was the first day of new pandemic regime of working from home, something most of my colleagues had begun doing a week before. For most of the day, I wasn't particularly productive as I mostly checked and rechecked my news sites for the latest information about the fast-spreading coronavirus.
This afternoon, Gretchen did her first shift at the Golden Notebook on its reduced-hours pandemic schedule. It was too snowy to implement the strategy of leaving a book on a table out on the sidewalk for a customer, so she did end up having to hand off (with a gloved hand) a book to a customer who never entered the store. She said she had a great day of doing mostly organizational work; evidently there is more to running a bookstore than just selling books to customers. By the time she was done with her shift at 3:00pm, there was a half-inch accumulation of slushy snow on the road, so she had to drive slowly.
Meanwhile my workday had become quite busy as my colleagues and I struggled with a particularly problematic tax import. In the end I was forced to hack one of the data files to make the import work. Unusually, I didn't finish working until about 6:30pm.
Soon thereafter, Gretchen started making a noodle bake, which is always a good development. Unfortunately, we missed out on nearly all of Jeopardy due to loss of signal from our satellite dish, which had accumulated some slushy snow on its bottom lip (something that was easily fix once I was aware of it).

Snow around the front of our house this afternoon.

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