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Monday, March 9 2020
Today would be the last full day of Gretchen's absence and the first day I'd be going back to work in days. So I decided to bring both dogs with me. They were, as you can imagine, delighted. I always have amnesia about how unpleasant both dogs can be at work, and this time was no different. Aside from a few barks from Neville in the office, they weren't too bad indoors today, but outdoors was a different story. The problem is that the dogs feed on each others' excitement and become much more chaotic than one of them would be alone. On our first walk of the day (a little after 8:00am), they tore off down the narrow, artificial (and forested) ridge behind the Agway, eventually obsessing on a set of burrows with the seeming intent of snorting into them for the next several hours. That was all well and good, but I had a job to do (even if I would end up frittering away most of my time reading articles about the coronavirus and the related stock market crash that was underway). Since Neville doesn't listen at all and Ramona isn't much better, there wasn't any calling them away. So, lacking a leash, I simply picked up Neville and carried him. This was all it took to get Ramona to give up on the burrows and return with us to the office, where she knew she'd be getting a treat.
The dogs were better on their second (11:00am) walk of the day, though at times it was like herding cats. At one point Neville was off among some playing children in the tiny de-facto park while Ramona was on the strip of grass along Elizabeth Street checking her "peemail," but I managed to wrangle them for a successful walk along the edge of the solar farm.
The day was beautiful and unseasonably warm, with temperatures up near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This was also the first day of daylight savings time (which I didn't know until my alarm went off suspiciously early this morning), which meant I had a couple hours of beautiful weather after I got home from work. Sadly, I mostly squandered it inside, tweaking my Weathertron software and compulsively checking for new news on the coronavirus.

Ramona and Neville being annoying with varmint holes atop the ridge behind the Agway.

Neville and Ramona in the middle of the floor of the office today.

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