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   Windows Vista in a VMWare snowglobe
Monday, March 30 2020
We had yet another cool, cloudy late March day, and it was also a workday in the coronavirus-induced remote workplace. In the face of my dull, sketchily-defined work and all the compelling coronavirus news, I struggled to get anything done. I managed, however, to install VMWare on my computer and boot up a frozen copy of machine holding the copy of the old Delphi-based program I am tasked with migrating. The operating system of that machine was Windows Vista, and this marked the first time I'd ever used VMWare or booted Windows Vista here on Hurley Mountain. For those unfamiliar with VMWare, it's a means of running a "virtual machine" in a window on a host computer. Think of a virtual machine as something of a snowglobe encapsulation of an operating computer, if snowglobes didn't contain shrunken cartoonish versions of real places.
This evening Gretchen made rigatoni with vegan cacciatore sauce, comprised of chunks of tofu and vegan sausage. There was a lot of pronouncing of the word "cacciatore" (in an over-the-top faux Italian accent) up until the food was ready to eat.

A big white pine a couple hundred feet west of the farm road. Click to enlarge.

View of our house from atop the knoll to its south. That knoll is covered with an unusual amount of reindeer moss. Click to enlarge.

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