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Monday, March 7 2022
The day was rather warm for this time of year, though temperatures were in the process of cooling, and, as part of that process, there would be gusts of gale-force wind happening on occasion throughout the night to follow.
Something was definitely wrong with my guts today, and, oddly, for once it wasn't because I'd drunk too much alcohol yesterday. I'd had two beers yesterday stretched over the course of many hours, and with food. I suppose it could've been an effect of the ambien I'd taken last night, though that's not something I remember happening before. Most likely, then, the problem was with some food I'd eaten yesterday. Most suspect of all was that dinner of mediocre Indian food at Bombay Royale. Nevertheless, when I was hungry this afternoon, I ate some leftover aloo mushroom, even though it had way too much lemon pickle on it (I hadn't wanted to throw much of that out; it had cost $3, and we'd only had three containers). I managed to do some re-working of some C# models earlier in the day, but by late this afternoon, my guts were so uncomfortable that I kept wanting to lie next to Neville on the laboratory bean bag, where I watched a YouTube video where some body-language experts analyzed Chris Watts' interactions with police after having killed his entire family earlier that day.
Powerful was feeling pretty weak today, but he nevertheless made dinner: macaroni with faux meat sauce. Meanwhile I was in the bathtub, as I often am on Mondays or days when I'm feeling less than 100%. When I got out, I didn't have an appetite for savory food, so all I had for dinner was grapefruit segments in light syrup.

Mourning doves in the red oak tree just north of the house this morning.

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