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   a bone good enough to bring home
Tuesday, March 8 2022
I was feeling a little anxious this morning because I had a meeting with my boss not long after morning standup concerning the AppStream project, and again I was feeling like my understanding of things was behind where it needed to be. I actually got up and started working at 6:00am, and managed to incorporate a bunch of new columns a DynamoDB table design. I then made good progress at updating the fussy C# code that has to read that data, developing even more muscle memory applicable to VisualStudio (the IDE used for this sort of work). So it almost came as a disappointment when my boss rescheduled our meeting for this afternoon. By the time that came, I was fully prepared in a way that I very seldom am. I was so prepared, in fact, that I began to worry that at a meeting with the AWS "review crew" (scheduled for 5:00pm today for some reason) I would be so well-prepared that I would be something of an asshole. So I told myself to, whatever I might be feeling, to act nice and, if possible, magnanimous. It turned out that the guys on the AWS review crew were a bit dickish considering that I made clear to them that I am new to NoSQL databases. There's also the issue of the poor quality of the documentation of their DynamoDB product (though it is better than average for AWS products). But I held my tongue and even said something positive about U., the guy who had set me off last week.

Because that meeting with the AWS guys happened so late in the day, I'd taken my nature stroll (in this case up the Farm Road and back along the top of the bluff that runs to its west) at about 3:00pm this afternoon. The day had been sunny, but by late afternoon it had become unseasonably cold. Still, it had felt good to move around in the cold air. Often when I go on a walk in the afternoon, Gretchen tries to encourage the dogs to go with me. But they've become such homebodies of late that they rarely even go with Gretchen on the morning walks. (They stopped doing that between four and two months ago, with Neville initially being the one who didn't go. But now Ramona often doesn't go either.) This afternoon, though, for some reason Neville had joined me on my walk, and he'd even been rewarded for it. Somewhere along the way he'd found a deer humerus in the forest. It hadn't been a great doggie bone, but it had been good enough to bring home. Hopefully that will help train him to once more go on walks with Gretchen again.

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