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Thursday, March 10 2022
Today was a rough repeat of Tuesday, driven by the another morning scrum with my boss. I got up a little after 6:00am, got a lot of work done, and felt well-prepared for a morning scrum that didn't end up happening. (In this case it was because my boss had booked himself into two simultaneous meetings.)
This afternoon Gretchen drove across the Hudson to Rhinebeck visit with Falafel Cathy and one of her employees, one who will be moving into our Downs Street property. When she returned, Gretchen had a falafel for me, meaning I wouldn't be eating leftover chili for dinner. Meanwhile, Powerful's gout is acting up again and he never came up the stairs at all today.
Late this afternoon I took another stroll up and back on the Farm Road, mostly to see a track pattern Gretchen mentioned and that I'd noticed before. The tracks look like they were made by some sort of mid-sized (50 pound) animal, though, oddly, instead of there being two parallel lines of tracks (one for the left and one for the right) the tracks are all in a single line, as if they were made by some creaturing hopping around on a single foot. I looked carefully at the tracks, and, though they were a bit hard to read given all the melting that had happened, I could see that the creature that had made them had dog-like paws, with claws. This ruled out any felid like, say, a bobcat. And the paws were dog-sized, implying that the critter was not a fox. This suggested that the animal that had made them was a coyote, one or more of them running at high speed. According to a YouTube video I found, the faster a coyote runs, the narrower the track.

Yesterday's snow on the trees east of the house this morning.
These kind of pictures are always beautiful because that otherwise-ugly
tree of heaven looks gorgeous when its arching branches are defined by snow or ice.
Click to enlarge.

The Farm Road this afternoon.
That line of tracks on the left are probably left by a fast-running coyote.

Another line of likely coyote tracks at the farm at the end of the Farm Road.

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