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   February 2022

01: all too busy with our lives - Three Latina women clean our house for the second time.
02: DIY Spelling Bee - Woodchuck is not a particularly good panagram.
03: n-dash my ass - You can't always copy code out of tutorials. Here's why.
04: ice storm of '22 - A serious ice storm knocks out power throughout the area, and Windows decides today is a good time to complain about the state of its stupid license.
05: brisk sale of chainsaws - Day two of the big icestorm power outage.
06: preview of the apocalypse - The roads down to New Paltz and back are a little rough still.
07: gutsick while Powerful feels much better - Maybe it was yesterday's dismal Indian food that had me turning down rigatoni in favor of grapefruit segments.
08: fastest rate of bleeding - Gretchen experiences a minor medical emergency and Powerful takes her to Emergency One.
09: result: something other than humiliation - Success from asking a question on StackOverflow. Also: a pot of chili and the less-rapey part of Bill Cosby's curriculum vitæ.
10: KFC in 2022 - Fried, unhealthy nuggets not made of dismembered chickens.
11: still a little unsettled - Finally doing more than just faking competence, though I'm still doing that as well.
12: a Fuhjyyu capacitor survived three months - But I have a replacement, which I do while nursing a hangover.
13: the only use for an old Pentium 4 desktop - Gutting it and putting in a more advanced computer while learning why NFTs are making the world even more horrible.
14: drooping, delaminating pizza - We go to New Paltz for our annual Valentine's Day ritual.
15: total cringe for our younger selves - What we find exciting in our 50s.
16: 54th birthday - Despite the pandemic, celebrating with friends.
17: a failure to get much exercise - Though my problems were probably mostly the consequences of too much drinking on my birthday.
18: dental appointment karma - After I use a false dental appointment excuse to go accept a delivery at the cabin, something bad actually happens to one of my teeth.
19: Indian food brunch and shopping at the mall - After pooping in a swamp near our hotel, we eat Indian food and get clothes at the mall and then vegan burgers in downtown Albany.
20: two guitar effects and a knee-jerk socialist impulse - Amazing find at the Tibetan Center thrift store and debating landlording philopsophy over dinner.
21: bicycle theft culture & technology - Powerful and I compare our former lives as bike thieves.
22: after hours workplace success - Perhaps a nap was the reason I figured out some procrastinated learning today.
23: spanking advocacy is beyond the pale - Back in Facebook jail for saying vaccinated kids should be spanked in school.
24: demasiado viejo - Russia invades Ukraine and then later Gretchen and I pick through the old Red Hook office and have a fun dinner at Cancun's.
25: snow, tub time and African stew - Also some protracted sex.
26: two enormous bean bags - For of the spoils of the closing office in Red Hook.
27: laboratory bean bag - I finally have a relaxing place to lie in the laboratory.
28: hard to learn about AppStream - The demonstration of valor and bravery by the Ukrainians is the stuff of comic books and unwatchable superhero movies.