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   gutsick while Powerful feels much better
Monday, February 7 2022
For some reason I was plagued all day long by discomfort in my gut that lead to some a couple pretty nasty incidents on the toilet and also a few waves of mild nausea. I wondered if perhaps that Indian food I'd eaten yesterday was disagreeing with me, as I hadn't drunk enough alcohol yesterday to have a gut-affecting hangover. Or perhaps I was having unusual covid symptoms. If I'd been infected, it had probably been on Saturday when I went to Beer Universe and Herzogs (though I'd worn a KN95 mask).
I'd never eaten the samosa I'd ordered yesterday at Karma Kitchen, and at some point when my gut was feeling okay, I ate it, and it was pretty good. It was certainly better than that other stuff I'd eaten yesterday. Another thing I managed to eat today was a sandwich containing kimchi, faux "steak" slices, and vegan thousand-islands dressing.
Or maybe I was just nervous about having to explain my progress on Azure DevOps at a 1:30pm meeting. I did feel better after the meeting seemed like a success, but gradually the discomfort returned. Eventually I took a bath just as Powerful started preparing a dinner of rigatoni with red sauce, the first meal he'd cooked in a very long time. Powerful ended up also cleaning the kitchen afterwards, and he'd also washed the dishes last night while Gretchen and I were down in New Paltz. He must be feeling a lot better. Meanwhile, my gut was still feeling so tender that when I got out of the tub, all I wanted to eat was grapefruit segments in a light syrup.
I climbed into bed a little after 9:00pm, and after she finished re-watching the last episode of Brooklyn 99, Gretchen came into the bedroom and bemoaned the fact that we sleep on such different schedules, with me waking up early and going to bed early and she waking up late and going to bed kind of late. "We never wake up together and have funny conversations any more," she said. "You could go to bed early like I do," I said. "But I don't want to go to bed early," she said, "I like staying up late and reading." As for me, I don't much like the light that Gretchen needs to read in bed. I put a pillow on my head and it's not so bad, but out of consideration for me, tonight Gretchen went downstairs and read on the couch.

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