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   KFC in 2022
Thursday, February 10 2022
Gretchen managed to get an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist today, and so that was where she went this afternoon. She wanted to know why she still had a bacterial urinary tract infection after six months and several courses of antibiotics. It turned out that she had a yeast infection, which is what can happen when you take too many antibiotics. (You need a proper equilibrium between fungal and bacterial antagonists.)
On the way home from the gynecologist, Gretchen stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken (maybe it's just called "KFC" these days) to get some food. In the past, there was nothing for a vegan at KFC, but recently they've launched a plant-based chicken nugget product based on Beyond Chicken, and they've even advertised it in mainstream media such as Albany's big retard rock station. We ate them with vegan ranch and the kind of hot sauce one puts on Buffalo wings (KFC ofers no vegan sauces), and they were surprisingly good. They had the exact flavor I remember from when I used to eat KFC, which, I'm told, leans heavily on white pepper in the "secret ingredients" of the breading. Not that this food was healthy to any stretch of the imagination. The box even had translucent splotches on it from where it had soaked up grease. The nuggets claimed to be "plant-based" but no claim was made that they were actually vegan. They might well have been fried in the same vat of oil with pieces of formerly-living chickens.

Powerful and Gretchen with the Beyond Fried Chicken from KFC. Gretchen also got an order of fries. Click to enlarge.

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