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   spanking advocacy is beyond the pale
Wednesday, February 23 2022
This morning I got a message from Facebook saying that one of my posts had been removed because it violated a policy against the advocacy of violence. The post in question was to a public group called "Unvaccinated Group." It's a group purportedly set up for people resisting covid vaccination, but it's been largely taken over by trolls (including me). My post had been:

this is why spanking needs to come back to the schools of america -- all the kids who are vaccinated or wear masks should receive spankings

Obviously I'd written this in jest (I'm a troll), but even if I'd written it sincerely, you would think it would constitute a sentiment well within the norms of debate. Plenty of people support corporal punishment in this country, and supporting it doesn't mean that you, the supporter, intend violence on anyone. You're supporting a policy, one that has been mainstream for millennia. Under a speech restriction so broad that it forbids voicing support for corporal punishment, anyone advocating the death penalty is also engaged in intolerably violent speech. But I've been provided no means to appeal this decision and just have to accept it, moronic and absurd as it is. Does it reflect the decision of an actual human or of an algorithm? It's impossible to know. But it's Facebook's site, and they can do anything they want with it, including peddling scams, spreading disinformation, and furthering conspiracy theories. It's too bad that I've come to think of Facebook as a village green, a place where I can interact with both friends and strangers. Because it's not that at all. It's a shopping mall run by morons and grifters. And now, since this is my fifth infraction in the past year, Facebook is read-only for the next 29 days. I'm in what has been referred to as "Facebook jail."

But here in the real world, we had a had a beautiful warm day, and the sun was even shining for part of it. Temperatures rose up into the 60s, and at some point I just had to go for a walk up the Farm Road and back.
A little after 5:00pm, I made spaghetti with a pan of chonkiness to add to the red sauce. The chonks included red onion and tofu but no mushrooms, as we didn't seem to have any.

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