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   hard to learn about AppStream
Monday, February 28 2022
Today I was trying to learn about another Amazon Web Services technology called AppStream, which allows a developer of desktop apps to stream them from a virtual desktop computer in the cloud. This is a godsend for musty old tech companies who never could figure out how to migrate their old programs to genuine real technologies, which accurately describes half the company I presently work for. I've been tasked with building the login system that will allow one such program to seem as if it is a web app. But learning some new technology six days into the biggest European war since World War II isn't easy. I kept taking breaks to check all my usual web haunts looking for news and hoping for some glimmer of hope. It's certainly hopeful that the Ukrainians aren't making it easy on the invading Ruskies. Indeed, their demonstration of valor and bravery is the stuff of comic books and unwatchable superhero movies.
At 5:00pm I jumped in the bathtub for some relief from both Oscar the Cat and all the stress of the slow trickle of news. While I was still in there, Gretchen came home from a busy day of unpacking boxes at the bookstore and proceeded to make a delicious meal of Asian noodles with tempeh that, for some reason, she found deeply unsatisfying. Perhaps this was because she'd left out that flavor that she seems to love but that I hate (I'm still not sure what it is, but it could be five spice).
After watching Jeopardy! while eating dinner, I drove out the the Wall Street house to investigate the boiler not working. The oil tank gauge read empty, and I banged on it and it seemed empty too. So that seemed to be the problem. But the woman there said the fuel gauge doesn't work and they'd just refilled it "in early December," so possibly there is some other problem. But first they'll try refilling the tank. And they have electric space heaters to keep things from getting too terrible.

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