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Tuesday, February 22 2022
It was another unseasonably warm day, and late this afternoon, in an effort to clear my head, I strolled down the Farm Road and back. Most of the meltwater had drained away, so I was comfortable wearing Crocs. Another thing I did to make the most of the nice weather was go on another dog shit removing jihad in the yard. I put all that shit into the garden in hopes it will fertilize the soil (and disintegrate by the time I need to go in there and do any work).

With the mail today came a power brick for a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 ultrabook, one of the things I'd scored from the old office in Red Hook. It lacked that brick and a boot drive, as well as all the screws that attach the bottom plate to the chassis. But it seemed like a solid little machine, and you know how I like ultraportables. Unfortunately, though, all I could get the laptop to charge. When I tried to power it up, nothing happened. And the problem was probably not the screen, since an attached monitor didn't work either.

I'd taken 150 milligrams of pseudoephedrine first thing this morning in hopes that it would help me power through this Fargate/DynamoDB project I've been procrastinating (as well as working) on. Initially, the pseudoephedrine had done little good, and I actually made it through the entire workday with little to show for it. Then I lay down in bed and slept for about two hours while Gretchen went off to some prison to teach the first lesson of a springtime English or poetry course.
When I awoke at about 7:00pm, I sat down at my main workstation Woodchuck and systematically followed a couple tutorials, neither one of which had all the information I needed. In so doing, I was able to deploy a "hello world" JSON app written in .NET Core directly to an Amazon Web Services Fargate container. After that I created and deployed to AWS Fargate an AspNet web app (using yet another HTML templating framework called Razor) and even figured out how to pass it values from the querystring. I was done doing all of this by 9:00pm, and for once I thought I was making progress on the project.

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