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   January 2022

01: the opposite of imposter syndrome - There's a lot of incompetence out there when it comes to slightly-esoteric consumer technology.
02: specifics of cabin power usage - After getting our generator and solar inverter to cooperate, we figure out the details of where power is going.
03: critical thinking skills in 2022 - If you're a sucker these days, you're much worse off than a sucker was back in the 1950s.
04: Powerful waits in a covid stew - Due to some stupid paperwork bullshit, Powerful has to spend three days in a hospital instead of having his parvo treated on an outpatient basis.
05: Donsplaining - In the midst of lecturing me on topics I already knew, Don casually mentions a visit today by the grifter who stole over $100,000 from my mother.
06: satisfying bite complexity - I cut my hair and Gretchen brings home tacos from Rosendale. Also, I need a surge suppressor for an underground ethernet run.
07: another use for a big Yeti mug - Urine doesn't gross me out like it probably does you.
08: Stranded Loon - A delivery fails to happen, I install a toilet, and I invent a new Adirondack-themed cocktail.
09: my personal shopper in Johnstown - That overly-helpful skinny employee at the Noble Ace Hardware does speed up the shopping process.
10: graph anxiety - Watching temperatures falling steadily 100 miles away on one of the coldest nights of the year.
11: unread email anxiety - Do I still have a job? Will I every have access to Sol-Ark data?
12: distant battery information - Bypassing the chuckleheads yet again. Also, I wasn't fired in the most cowardly manner imaginable.
13: Thursday shakeup - My boss Alex gets fired the day before he was to be leaving after a somewhat-absurd meeting. Gretchen melts down about Powerful still being helpless in our house. And Gretchen and I transport a steel tub to the cabin.
14: methods to clear solar panels of snow - Gretchen at first wants to climb up on the roof, but when I forbid that, we try tossing shoes at the snow. But then I find a method that works.
15: PVC glue fumes and low blood sugar - Still getting the plumbing installed for the new bathtub on an exceptionally cold day.
16: one hell of a trucker bomb - Installing a tub in the second floor bathroom. And we return home to find Powerful has been unable to walk to his bathroom for some time.
17: didn't realize I had the day off until 3:00pm - But I got a lot of personal things done anyway.
18: Donsplaining Neanderthal metabolism - My brother calls mostly to lecture me with his Neantherthal theories. Also, dropping off the Chevy Bolt so it can get a new battery.
19: Gretchen's 51st birthday - This time with Thai noodles and a strawberry-peach pie.
20: how to have a relaxing day - Gretchen gives a crash course to her friend Blond Marisa.
21: all their fears and suspicions my way - Stuck in between two separate workplaces in a corporate empire with terrible communication.
22: very post-industrial Gloversville - Getting hardware in Gloverville instead of Johnstown. Also, there's not much of a market for balls any more.
23: recycling in the wall - Gretchen is sad when she sees me putting old cans and other things that could be recyled into the wall near the cabin's new upstairs bathtub.
24: winterizing - Another unscheduled trip to the cabin. And stuck in the snow yet again.
25: lucked into being hyperspaced - Working into two different parts of the corporate conglomerate. And how it felt to lie briefly in the bed.
26: no cheap booze in the supply chain - Also, bucatini with red sauce.
27: dinner party in Omicron times - A fairly large gathering given the present state of the pandemic.
28: within the norms of conventional English speech - The robots at Facebook are part of what is wrong with the internet.
29: flangeless alcove tub - Evidently the anti-leak bathtub flange is a relatively recent invention.
30: I'll assume it's magic - Successfully de-virtualizing a virtual computer.
31: getting to keep my key - Not turning out to be part of the company being kicked out of the Red Hook office.