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Monday, January 10 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

It was hard to focus on work-related tasks with so many things up in the air, so all I managed to get done today was get the full software stack for the assessment app that might soon be canceled working on Wolverine, my fastest computer.

This evening after the workday, I climbed into the bathtub with a Chromebook hoping to relax. But then I checked the MySpool data from the cabin and saw the temperature had fallen below the 48 degrees I'd set on the first floor thermostat. Since the MySpool sensor is the second floor, I would think it would actually register a temperature higher than the thermostat given that heat rises. And if it had fallen below 48 degrees, perhaps there was some sort of technical problem. Was I going to have to drive up there and find out? This morning I'd written an email to AJ (one of the chuckleheaded solar installers) hoping he'd find a way to give me access to the Sol-Ark inverter data, which would give me a clearer picture of what is going on. But he'd never replied.
The continually falling line on the graph made me uneasy for hours afterwards. When Gretchen got home, she made a stir fry with chunks of tofu and that Asian flavor I do not like, and I choked it down in front of my computer while still watching the graph. (We were all caught up on episodes of Jeopardy!, the normal thing to watch while eating dinner.) After that, I couldn't really focus on anything, so I climbed into bed and watched mindless car-crash videos on YouTube.
By about 8:00pm it was clear that the temperature graph had started to flatten out at about 46 degrees. But temperatures outside the cabin were expected to fall below zero Faherenheit tonight, and if there was some problem with the heating system, I had to stay on top of things. Somehow, though, I did eventually fall asleep.
I awoke about about 1:30 am and when I went to the laboratory to piss in my flushless urinal, I checked the MySpool temperature graph. It was still falling, but very slowly, not at a rate that meant I would have to go to the cabin any time soon. Temperatures had fallen to 45 degrees and would continue down to 43.9 before the sun would come out the next day and the graph would begin to creep upward.

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