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   how to have a relaxing day
Thursday, January 20 2022
Blond Marisa spent the day with Gretchen as the latter demonstrated how to have a relaxing day. They started out playing word games in front of a roaring fire down in the living room, then took a long walk with the dogs in the forest (this time the dogs actually came) and then they spent the rest of the daylight hours watching teevee, starting with Jeopardy! and then moving on to edgy rom-coms (at least that's how it sounded from a distance; there was a fair amount of lesbian content).
Meanwhile, I had a surprisingly busy day in the remote office, though it was occupied mostly by meetings. In the morning I attended a sprint planning meeting which was so full of jargon that I could happily not pay any attention for much of it. I did, though, finally get an assignment in the company's Jira system: to work on implementing some sort of non-ad-hoc code deployment system. It's like being at CollegeClub in 1998 all over again! (For those who don't remember, back then I built a system using classic ASP to automatically deploy web content to multiple web servers, thereby sparing the content producers a lot of error-prone busy work.)
Then this evening I attended an agile development seminar conducted remotely using Zoom and collaborative whiteboarding program called Mural. I've worked in agile (or agile-adjacent) environments in the past, so I didn't learn much new for participating in an agile team. What was far more helpful for me was interacting with my new colleagues: knowing what if any sense of humor they have, how morose or gung-ho they are, and whether or not they're going to get my cultural references. I also learned about the products supported by the web team, a very essential set of knowledge that was completely denied me back when I first joined the company in Red Hook I was just cannibalized from.
This evening our friend Lisa P. took Gretchen out to dinner at a new fancy Asian restaurant in Woodstock called Good Night. They stayed there three hours and had a wonderful time, so it seems the place is aptly named.

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