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Tuesday, January 11 2022
I'm kind of between things at work, not knowing whether or not I should be working on the app, the building of which has been my main job for the last two years. My boss Alex says I should be, but his last day is on Friday and after that it's not clear whether the corporate overlords want to do the relatively small amount of work necessary to complete the app. There was supposed to be a meeting on the subject today to provide clarity, but then it got pushed to Thursday. And then at some point I tried to check something at Paylocity, the HR portal our company uses, and found I'd been locked out. I still had access to Teams and my company email, so I emailed Rachel in HR, but she never got back to me. This is the kind of behavior that breeds anxiety and paranoia. Did I even still have a job? It would be very on-brand for the corporate overlords to fire me without ever communicating that anything had happened. But it's also very on-brand for there to be incidents of incompetence of malevolent machinations. To relieve my stress, late this afternoon I drove the Forester out to the big abandoned bluestone mine and loaded a thick flagstone near the limits of what I could lift off the ground, along with a number of smaller rocks.
In other people-failing-to-get-back-to-me-via-email news, AJ the solar installer has still yet to get back to me. Gretchen sent him a text about it, and he told her he hadn't read the email, but that there should be no problem with my getting access to my data. That's an easy thing to say, but I still don't have access and nothing I've attempted has given me access. This evening as I lay in bed stewing about the situation, I couldn't take it any more. So I got up and wrote a somewhat more pointed email:

Hi AJ -

I wrote to you on Monday about gaining access to the Sol-Ark data at [REDACTED] Woodworth Lake Rd. Gretchen tells me you have not yet read my email. I understand you are busy, but this is a matter of some urgency. This is a remote off-grid cabin in the peak of winter and I need to be able to monitor data from its solar setup remotely. I'm a tech professional and have followed tutorials on setting up the WiFi dongle but it seems your access to the dongle is preventing my access to it (the tutorials assume no WiFi has been set up at all). If you know of how I am to get this to work, please direct me to that information. Do you know of any of your other customers who have access to their data? And does your company make any effort to allow customers access to their own data, or is this something you do not support at all? Any answers to any of these questions would be helpful.

Thanks for hopefully reading this--

Gus Mueller

I know, first world problems. But that's the world I find myself living in (for now).

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