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Friday, January 28 2022 [REDACTED]

At some point today I saw a very stupid post on Facebook contending that there were no animals that had "a" in their name. These posts are created by scammy Facebook entities with the idea of provoking responses, thus inflating "engagement." I responded with "jesus fucking christ i'm going to kill somebody!" Not long after that, I was informed by Facebook that this was a threat of violence and that I woudln't be allowed to post for six days and that my posts would be de-prioritized for the next month. This was after earlier infractions where, as a troll, I'd said various homophobic and racist things. In those cases it perhaps made sense to suspend my account for two or three days. But this time I "appealed" (not that there's any justice in the robot-curated Facebook cinematic universe), arguing that my statement was clearly not directed at anyone and was well within the norms of conventional English speech. Facebook is detestable in many ways, but I rely on it nevertheless, because that's where everybody is. It's been a long time, for example, since Google introduced a single person to this website. Google has destroyed all that used to be fun about the web by prioritizing large corporate web addresses having "https" in their URLs.

I took a long bath this evening, and I knew it was long when Gretchen came up and asked when I would be getting out. I wasn't quite done at that point and said so [REDACTED]. She said she was feeling ill, with a chill she couldn't shake. I was worried this might be covid, but then we realized she'd taken bacrtrin to treat a urinary tract infection ([REDACTED]), so hopefully that was the cause of her symptoms.

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