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Sunday, January 30 2022
Gretchen no longer works at the bookstore on Sundays so she could spend them at the cabin. But we weren't at the cabin this weekend, so we could have a second Saturday in a row. This time we were a bit less lame with the New York Times Spelling Bee, not missing a dozen or so obvious words like we did yesterday.
Later, up in the laboratory, I managed to get that boot volume I'd built from a virtualized Windows Vista to actually boot a computer after using Acronis True Image to clone my non-working real volume to another volume on the computer I wanted it to work with (an old computer based on a second-generation four-core Intel Core i5). (Evidently Acronis does something as part of that cloning process that makes it functional, and until I know what that is, I'll assume it's magic.)
Next I drove into town to finish the caulking at the brick mansion on Downs Street. This time I used 100% silicone caulk instead of latex with the hope that it will last more than two years (it claims to have a 20 year warranty, though I'll be happy if it lasts five years).
With that out of the way, I could crack open a road beer and drive out to the Tibetan Center thrift store for my second successful visit since the beginning of the global pandemic. The only thing of any interest there was an iRobot Braava mopping robot. Had it been priced $5 (like in the good old days of the Tibetan Center) I would've gladly bought it just to salvage motors and sensors from it (since it's unlikely I could make use of its proprietary electronics). But its price was $25. I probably should've immediately washed my hands after handling it, since it had probably been used in someone's nasty bathroom. I can't imagine turning a robot loose to spray water wherever it chooses, but evidently some people hate mopping enough to trust a machine to do it.

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