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Tuesday, January 25 2022
For some reason the data from the cabin stopped abruptly at 5:00pm last night, just as I was about to go get stuck the Prius stuck in the snow. Had I not been in the vicinity for a couple hours afterwards, I might've feared something terrible had happened to the cabin, like it was hit by an asteroid or was subject to a massive propane explosion from the lingering gas in the 1000 gallon tank. But what had actually happened was that the Moxee hotspot had crapped out unrecoverably. This doesn't happen very often, but it's extremely annoying when it does. To get it working again would require me to drive to the cabin and reboot it, something it could easily do for itself if it had a watchdog functionality (which it does not). For now, though, it doesn't much matter; the cabin is winterized and it's not essential to know how low temperatures inside it fall. And while it would be nice to see how the solar panels perform over the next several weeks, nothing much is riding on that information either.
Today in the remote workplace I was caught yet again between the job I am transitioning away from and the new one. For the former, I had to do a tax import and talk with Jason for awhile on the phone as he had a low-grade meltdown about where his health savings account money is in the HR portal. The latter wasn't anything close to my problem, but I'm trying to be supportive of my old colleagues, because I recognize that they're anxious and stressed in a way that I have lucked into being hyperspaced away from.
In the new job, I spent a fair amount of time hassling the CTO of my new home in the corporate conglomerate for permissions so I could get to git code repositories in their implementation of Azure DevOps. The poor guy was on vacation or something and it would've been nicer to leave him alone. But I'm in the phase of this job where it's best to show maximum engagement, and letting blocking issues fester until he gets back would've reflected worse on me than annoying him while he's trying to sip a drink containing its own little umbrella.
It didn't add up to a lot of work, but by about 3:00pm I went to lie down next to Ramona on the bed and it felt so good that I would've stayed there for hours if I could've. And then Diane the Cat climbed onto my chest and (importantly) lay down so that her pegs wouldn't be sticking me on the thin layers of tissue over my ribs and sternum. But eventually I made myself get up. And at the end of the day I took a proper bath, the first in over a week (when we'd had low fuel levels in the oil tank, I'd been postponing bathing in order to stretch that fuel until the delivery came, which it ultimately did yesterday.

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