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   didn't realize I had the day off until 3:00pm
Monday, January 17 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Snow had started falling last night somewhere between the Saugerties and Kingston exits on the Thruway, and by this morning there were about eight or nine inches on the ground. Gretchen attempted to shovel it but gave up after lifting one shovelful. It was that heavy. She even wondered if she should call the snow plow guy and have us plowed out. But I managed to shovel out the whole thing in just two sessions, and that included shoveling out the Prius and making room for the Forester (which Gretchen had driven to work this morning). While doing this, I was mostly listening to the Hannah Alonzo anti-MLM YouTube channel, which is hard to focus on sufficiently unless one is doing something so mindless.
Another thing I did today was assemble the "hoppers" for the entranceway closet shelf using Gorilla Glue and very small nails.
I was feeling that I was making good use of another "between things" workday until I realized (at about 3:00pm) that I actually had this day off; it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Gretchen got off work an hour early, and I then used the Forester to pick up three sheets of Wonderboard and a bunch of little things from the Home Depot. This included closet hooks and little L-brackets for the entranceway closet project and some iron pipe and fittings for making a toilet paper holder for the cabin's upstairs bathroom. On the way home on Enterprise Drive, I was disoriented by the piles of plowed snow and ended up heading north instead of south on US 209, meaning I had to get off on 9W and make a U-turn to get pointed in the right direction.
This evening Gretchen salvaged a various leftovers from the refrigerator to make a thick cream-of-kale soup that proved surprisingly tasty. Later I took a bath to soak my sore muscles, which have been overworked since Friday, when I was raking snow off the solar panels. And today's snow shoveling was unusually arduous.

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