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Friday, October 7 2022

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

I was up a little before 6:00am, which is early for me. But it was also late enough that it didn't make sense to go back to sleep. I immediately went back to work on the troublesome software development problem I was having in the remote workplace. But then, unexpectedly, I solved it. All I needed to see to solve it was the full URL of the location a POST was happening to. This made me realize it was using the API project inside the solution, and the API it happened to be pointed to was on a remote server, meaning it didn't have the model updates I'd made when adding a column. This completely explained why the new column was being ignored. It also demonstrated that there is no secret sauce in the configuration of an Entity Framework data model; everything is either inside the .edmx XML or in the .cs model files for the respective entities. Once I'd solved this problem, I was feeling a lot better about my job and life itself. I'd probably be able to handle the constant burble of laughter from the four extroverted women in the cabin, once they were up. But for now the house was quiet, and the only sign of life was the friendly chipmunk who hangs out on the east deck. He saw him climbing up the sliding screen door for no particular reason, since both he and I knew there was nothing worth going to at the top of that screen.
When Gretchen got up, she came over to where I was working in the loft and interrogated me lightly about why I'd been so profoundly anti-social yesterday, particularly yesterday evening. She wanted to know if I just didn't like our guests. I said no, that wasn't the problem (even though it sort of was the problem), just that I was distracted by a workplace issue and I couldn't handle the constant laughter.
When our guests were up and saw me, they said "good morning" in a way that suggested they still needed an explanation for why I'd been so anti-social last night. I was friendly in a way that perhaps suggested a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (since, psychically, one had). But I still didn't want to sit with everyone at the kitchen table. [REDACTED] Instead I sat on the couch and snuggled with the dogs while drinking my coffee, paying attention to my remote workplace on Teams, and playing today's New York Times Spelling Bee. At some point the conversation got to a subject I'm actually interested in, the unexpectedly complicated ethnic breakdown of one of our guests, who had two kinds of American Indian ancestry, genes from both Guam and Egypt, and a substantial amount of Portuguese.
Just before our guests were to leave for the rest of their travels (to Portland, Maine), I told them the story of how my cousin Deidre had brought food to the cabin (along with two additional mouths to feed) and gave me a bill for the things she'd bought. As I was getting to the part of the story where Deidre presented me with the bill, Jasmin started saying, "No! No!" in horror. "How can she have any friends?" I asked. Our guests were pretty sure she didn't have any.
I had my morning standup soon after our guests were gone, and I actually had some progress to report. Later in the day I felt a little bad for prematurely saying the task I'd been working on was ready for QA, but I'm not experienced in the ins and outs of this software I'm adding features to; I can be expected to get it wrong for some time yet.
Other things I worked on today included the lake path, which begins as branch of the stone pathway to the front door and continues along the west side of the house. Today I'd periodically go outside to set stones (most of them thick granite pieces sourced nearby) in that pathway.
Late this morning Gretchen and I went for a walk over to Ibrahim's A-frame, where some guys were working. We walked in and chatted with the guys, who were a pair of roofers who hadn't actually met Ibrahim. They'd heard some stories, though, including the one where Ibrahim was apparently unhappy with the plumbing a plumber had installed and had it all cut out and redone (a $6000 expense). We noted the presence of a few skylights, which was complicating the roofing. What we couldn't understand was why Ibrahim had decided to put three skylights on the north side and only one on the south side. The roofers were puzzled by that too.
Ramona the Dog was wandering around Ibrahim's A-frame while we were there, and she evidently got confused because she stayed there after I headed back to the cabin and Gretchen walked down Woodworth Lake Road to the lake. On her way back to the cabin, the roofers told her the dog was still there and acting unhappy. So Gretchen redirected her back home.

Late this evening, I ate a chunk of cannabis I'd grown during the summer of 2021 and then took a bath. I started feeling the effects of the cannabis while I was in the bathtub, and they kicked in a bit more powerfully later as I sat in the great room trying to figure out the panagram to today's Spelling Bee. I've been cheating a little lately, looking at the Today's Hints to track down the last of the words, which tends to engrave them better in my brain and make me better at future games. Today the hints suggested there were a lot of words I hadn't found that began with "ch." So I tried to find them. In so doing, I figured out the panagram: "chickadee." Finding the panagram while you're stoned is a joy all its own. The thing is, I wasn't drunk, so my brain was actually running at full capacity. It was just altered by the cannabis.
Similarly, much later, when Gretchen came to bed and was surprised to find me awake, we ended up staying up having a great conversation full of laughter and wordplay, and I attribute my cleverness and openness to the cannabis I'd eaten hours before.

I finally got a blacklight flashlight, which I am using to illuminate my uranium-glass chicken on the cabin woodstove.

Ramona and Neville being adorable on the great room couch.

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