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Thursday, October 13 2022
I had a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine yesterday, and often that results in a hangover just because of the alcohol consumption that follows. But I hadn't drunk much yesterday. Still, I awoke feeling a little out of sorts for a few hours, which made me wonder if part of a pseudoephedrine hangover is the pseudoephedrine itself.
At some point today I figured out how to make the replacement panier rack work on the cherry-bomb-red bicycle mentioned in yesterday's entry. I would have to use the front attachment arms from the old, damaged panier rack. But to make them attach, I would have to somehow emulate the old panier rack's attachment system. The attachment arms attached to that rack by passing through a hole in the side of a bolt that was then pulled into a cup-shaped structure in the rack such that the edges of the cup bit into the side of the arm. There were no such cups in the new rack, so initially I thought I could use a washer with a hole of about the right size. Unfortunately, all the washer I had with such a big hole were too big for the space available. So instead I used a brass nut from a plumbing compression fitting (for a size designed to work on something like 3/8 inch pipe). This solution seemed solid, though I am curious if there will be unfortunate galvanic effects from having brass in contact with aluminum.
Meanwhile in the remote workplace, I had surprisingly little difficulty getting the EpPlus library to produce Excel spreadsheets as needed from a C# controller. The work I was doing quickly got into the kind of stuff I excel at: finding ways to crunch down the code and make it as generic, easy-to-manage and flexible as possible. Eventually, though, I ran into problems where the examples I was finding online no longer seemed to work, suggesting I was perhaps using an older version.
Meanwhile outside, a period of morning rains had stopped had it become a beautiful autumn day, another one where it made sense to open the doors to let the warm air in.
While Gretchen was off having dinner and a movie with Kate, I took a nice hot bath and then a xanax.

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