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Monday, October 31 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Gretchen had left the dogs' medication at the cabin, so late this morning I drove out to the Hurley vet to get some to keep here in Hurley. While out, I filled the Forester's gas tank ($50) and got a Stewart's coffee and a bag of Stewart's-brand Fritos-style old-school corn chips. (I would've gotten actual Fritos, which are better, but they didn't have any.)

I spent an unremarkable workday coming up to speed on a penetration tester called OWASP ZAP trying to fix a single frame-jacking vulnerability on a classic ASP website. Classic ASP, for those who don't know, is a Microsoft technology from the late 1990s that was the first backend technology I learned (and mastered) while working at in San Diego. I then applied those same skills at and my own proto web community, but after that I quickly transitioned to PHP and never worked with ASP again except briefly in 2006 (while working on the Toyota Fleet website). The problem with OWASP ZAP is that it's not very responsive to code changes, and I'm still not clear how to make it run another test after fixing a problem. But that's the kind of work I do these days.
After work, I made an especially large pot of chili around a chonky core of tofu, mushrooms, and onions.

We'd collected enough hot water in recent days for me to take a bath, which was good because I hadn't bathed in some time. Usually I shave in the bathtub, but I've decided to let my facial hair grow just to see how it turns out. I'd done this before, mostly by benign neglect, back in 2008, and I don't know if I'll let it get to that state.
So, overall, it was a pretty lame Halloween.

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