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   October 2022

01: indoor golf green birthday party - A big surprise for a friend named Justin in Brooklyn.
02: Book of Mormon - Seeing it on Broadway on a mostly-rainy day.
03: my mother plays a harmonica - My brother calls with another book he wants to have whill my mother hallucinates in the background.
04: sheer force of will - Attacking the source of my dysphoria. And a gloomy episode of House of the Dragon.
05: power-outage cabin retreat - To be able to work, I drive to the cabin, two hours away.
06: too many extroverts - Loud, laughing women visit the cabin, and it's too much for me.
07: cannabis panagram - Playing Spelling Bee after eating a nug of last year's cannabis.
08: Gretchen sees the backwards cliffs at Woodworth Lake - And she dreams of perhaps buying Shane's parcel.
09: fifty dollar sheets of styrofoam - And how I carried them on the roof of my Subaru Forester.
10: additional zone feasibility - A way to add a zone to a boiler whose zones are all already used.
11: percocet acid reflux - Sometimes percocet is no fun at all.
12: the problem with new manufacturers - They don't always know the perils of design changes.
13: brass fitting to the rescue - Fixing the bike with the non-fitting replacement panier rack.
14: raven dance - Seeing a pair as I kayak on Woodworth Lake.
15: trench around a foundation again - Reliving a chore I did back in 2004.
16: three sheets of styrofoam installed - Another nice day in October at the cabin, perfect for retroactively installing basement wall insulation.
17: tooth on my implant - I finally have a solid solution to my decades-long troubles with a bad incisor.
18: blacklight crown revealer - It turns out crowns look very different from natural teeth in near-visual ultraviolet.
19: lulled into complacency by animated figures - How to include your two-year-old at a dinner party.
20: placing trace ancestors in time - Systematically figuring out about when people who made trace contributions to my genome lived.
21: 3% raise in 8% inflation - But at least my boss was sheepish when he called to tell me about it.
22: dividing a heating zone - Today I just did the plumbing part; tomorrow I do the wiring.
23: stupid Honeywell thermostat - Despite useless instructions, I managed to finish my heating zone division project.
24: avoiding whatever it is she has - Gretchen has been sick for days from something that isn't covid.
25: the uselessness of portable DVD players - There are always plenty of them available in thrift stores.
26: so metal - Watching the season finale of House of the Dragon at the cabin. Also, news of the murder of Matthew S. Farrel.
27: styrofoam delivery - Enough arrives to insulate most of the cabin's basement walls.
28: digging a deeper trench - They'e going to end up wider, so might as well start them that way.
29: unexciting 1950s-style vegan meal - Steak and potatoes, without much flavor and no suffering at all.
30: damn transformer - Always measure the levels on a device of unknown provenance. Also a nastygram from our least-pleasant neighbor
31: let my facial hair grow - Another pot of chili and not shaving in the bathtub for Halloween, 2022.