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   additional zone feasibility
Monday, October 10 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

It was cool clammy day, but not cool enough for me to fire up the woodstove until late in the day. At some point this afternoon it was warmer outside than it was in the living room, so I opened up the door to let an equilibrium be established between the two atmospheres. Meanwhile, I was having another not-so-great day in the remote workplace as I tried to figure out how best to get needed data from a C# Razor template.
Eventually the workday was over and I moved on to my next chore: investigating the feasibility of adding another zone to the boiler at the brick mansion on Downs Street. Currently the two first-floor apartments share a zone, which isn't ideal. So I went over there and mapped out how the pipes run for that floor, most of which were visible from the basement. Happily the zones are all labeled at the boiler, which allowed me to follow the pipes from their source. I drew a diagram of the basement with the general routing of the pipes superimposed, with every place seeming location of a radiator indicated by a box with hatching and every basement window indicated by a box with rays spreading out from it. I then went upstairs to first floor hallway to note the presence of a single radiator in the common space. Lastly, I went into the 1R apartment (the tenant and his cat happened to be home) and confirmed the locations of the radiators I'd noted from below. This meant all the other radiators belonged to the 1L apartment. Though the boiler only seemed capable of accommodating four zones, all of which were being used, I figured I could divide the first floor zone into two sub-zones using zone valves controlled directly by thermostats. I could then logical-or-together the zone valves' end switches so that if either of them calls for heat, it will tell the boiler to turn on the circulator pump for the first floor zones. In terms of plumbing, all I would need to do would be to fork the output from the pump into two zone valves, have one zone valve drive the 1L part of the zone, and then run pipe from the other to the 1R section of the zone, which would have to be severed from the 1L plumbing (which would be capped at the severance).

The diagram I drew of Downs Street's basement.

Back at the house, Gretchen was upset I hadn't checked my messages because she'd wanted me to pick up take-out. She was watching teevee and had Neville in her lap. So I fetched her the makings for a salad that she could eat while I baked a frozen pizza in the oven. I covered it with slices of fresh tomato and put chicken of the woods, red pepper, and jalapeños on my half. This was what we ate while watching Jeopardy!. And then I took a well-deserved bath.

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